A hurt World.

People say things like “this world hurts! the world can hurt”.

It’s true, this world was hurt by Satan the devil through sin. It’s functional order was tampered with, it could nolonger give man what it was designed or ordained to do! Subjected to corruption or decay against its internal will! As hurt people are at most hurting, so is a hurt World hurting. It’s hope for renewal and restoration is in the reveling/manifestation of the sons of God.

Cooperatively (cooperate), this sons and (daughters) of God are what we call the church manifest. They are the healed and healthy.only they can bring healing and restoration of all things to a hurt hurting world and all its victims “the hurt people”.A hurting chain is breaking.

Join a company of a people described as a chosen generation, a royal priesthood,a holy nation, and peculiar people! 1Peter2:9. These people comprising of all nations have been formed and placed into one nation, one kingdom,one spiritual body,the body of Christ Jesus! The holy Spirit hesitated not to call them a holy nation, pointing to their oneness in Christ Jesus!

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